Thursday, November 20, 2008


It had been 1 month i was playing DOTA with my fellow colleagues and ex-colleague since i came out from my night shift.

My luo Poh starts complaining liao................ as i spent more time with DOTA than her...

Hope my addiction will stop soon....hhhhahhaah

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two Hundred

This morning, in Penang, i went to a nearby Petrol station to refuel for my car. She is hunger for fuel. Damn!!! Her food is so expensive even more than the human food.

I went to pump in RM 86++ of fuel :'(

Later i found out that i needed to pump some air to my tires. I was pumping the air to my last tire and suddenly an auntie came nearby me and ask me in Hokkien:

" How is the correct pressure for a normal car tires" She asked. ( I guess what she was asking, My Hokkien sucks"

" 200 " I answered in Hokkien as i thought it was a simple answer.

She was puzzled and shocked. I immediately informed her again in English

" Two Hundred " I said.

She immediately understood and thanked me.

I was wondering what was going on and later i found.
How to pronoun the figures In Hokkien
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Yit ji Sa Si goh luck qi bek Gao Koong

ten hundred
Jup Bak
Two Hundred = Ji Pak

Man!!!! I was scolding the Auntie!!!!!!!

p/s: Please have your hokkien's friend to teach you a correct Hokkien Ua

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


hmm, what should I say? I am getting Married!!! :P This is one of my favorite photo...

Monday, November 05, 2007


Recently, Elynn and I went to Amir's open house for Hari Raya. Met with a few NEC Ex-colleagues ( really few of them. Amir and his wife Nor, Evonne, Mujib). Other new guys i have no idea of their the names. Quite a happy gathering there.

Recently thinking of buying a new house / condominium in Penang. Already visited some places but the price ranged from 200k - 280k. It is damn expensive. Although expensive but still need to buy one. Have to save money already.

Recently working on night shift. It is a good rest for 2 weeks. Less call and case needed to be followed up. Although it is tired physically but mentally relax.

Lots of recently....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Money vs Health

have you ever thought about this question sometimes? i think almost everybody thinks about this from time to time. is money more important than health?

answer a: i have money to help me to maintain my health. i can use money to buy the medicine or health care product for my life.

answer b: both of them are equally important. i will take care of my health and at the same time, i will fight for money. ( OT, extra work and side income)

answer c: i am not interested in health at all as i am still young. i will fight for money while still young.

answer d, e, f.....etc , some of us will have more answer than i stated here.

Have you spent sometimes to think of this question by trying to study more detail ( doing research, gathering data or experience some incident that is not happy)

some of you might think this is a silly question but anybody try to think about this problem.
Do you really think about it until you have some difficulties or you will plan it right now?
lots of question to ask yourself in everyday? a lot of "?" everyday

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival

I missed my Mid Autumn festival. I was on night shift. :'( . really miss those day when i was small. Usually my grandfather will invite all the relatives and also his friends to have fun to eat and enjoy. If i am not mistaken, i was only 4 years old.

My father still keeps this practise to have the mookcake party to invite my aunties and uncles to eat. I like this kind of environment as i feel that this is just second gathering besides of CNY.

Happy Mid Autumn festival to all and may all wishes come true.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

direction lost

i have lost my direction. Both my ambition and my interest. Work 6 days with OT for 11 hour. only rest either saturday or sunday. work again the next morning. work even i like to play games...but i have lost the interest already. tired...of mind....
i dont want to have a life like that. I rather work with my own business......
i am thinking of my type of business to establish .........